Jason Momoa Now Says Henry Cavill Is Staying As Superman

Hmmm...maybe Jason Momoa did one too many Haka war dances because he seems to be a bit scrambled today. Just a couple of days ago he was talking about the departure of Henry Cavill from the DCEU, and while he didn't know exactly what was going on, he was pretty chill with the actor leaving. And now today he's changed his tune, insisting to ET that Cavill is staying in the red & blue suit.

"He's absolutely not", Momoa said when asked if Cavill was out. "He loves the character and he's not leaving. 100%."

It's possible after Momoa's previous statements somebody at Warner Bros. called him up and was like, "Would you shut up with that talk?"  I mean, I doubt they said it like that because Momoa's scary for such a happy dude. Maybe he just doesn't know anything and is just saying whatever is in his head at the moment? The truth is we know as much about Cavill's exit as we do Ben Affleck's, which is absolutely nothing.

Momoa should be fine no matter what. The early reviews for Aquaman are strong, and it looks like it should kick Justice League's ass at the box office. I think it'll do Wonder Woman numbers, honestly.  We'll find out when Aquaman opens on December 21st.