G.I. Joe 'Snake Eyes' Spinoff Enlists Robert Schwentke As Director

The G.I. Joe franchise never took off quite how Paramount hoped, but it's far from dead. While there remains some talk of a third movie or reboot, a spinoff featuring the Joes' resident ninja, Snake Eyes, is definitely in the works. Revealed last May, it's only now that we're finding out who will be behind the camera, and it's Divergent director Robert Schwentke.

Schwentke will direct the Snake Eyes spinoff film, which will be penned by Beauty and the Beast writer Evan Spiliotopoulos.  As far as details go there aren't many, but we know it will center on the silent, masked ninja warrior whose face we almost never see. He stands amongst the para-military group and often goes it solo, especially if the mission involves his arch-enemy, Storm Shadow.

In a lot of ways Snake Eyes is like the G.I. Joe version of Wolverine, a brutally efficient loner with a mysterious past ripe for exploring. Snake Eyes was played in the previous films by Ray Park but it's unclear if he'll reprise the role. Personally, I hope so because Ray Park kicks ass. Presumably we'll see Storm Shadow appear in the film, and maybe even Scarlet, a female member of the team that Snake Eyes has a relationship with.

Schwentke is known for directing the final two Divergent movies, as well as Red and R.I.P.D., so he has plenty of experience working with comic book adaptations. Paramount is moving quickly on this, already setting the film for March 27th 2020. [Variety]