'Bumblebee' Director Has Ideas For A Sequel If He Gets The Okay

Travis Knight's Bumblebee is being called the best live-action Transformers movie yet, and for very good reason. It IS the best one. But it's hardly burning energon at the box office, and while there will undoubtedly be more Transformers movies, a true sequel to Bumblebee is up in the air. However, that hasn't stopped Knight from having ideas.

Speaking with CinemaBlend, Knight says he's come up with some things for a Bumblebee 2 if he gets the green light...

I think it certainly could be. I mean, when I get to the end of one of my movies, I always imagine what's next for the characters. And so, in my mind, I've got all these scenarios and adventures that play out, both with Charlie and with Bee and everyone else. We'll see if the world wants more. Maybe we'll explore some of those things.

Bumblebee takes place in the 1980s, while Bay's films are more contemporary. That leaves a lot of open space between those films that is just waiting to be filled with new adventures for Bumblebee,  Hailee Steinfeld's Charlie Watson, and perhaps the other Autobots.  Anything that gets more G1 Transformers on the screen is good with me.