Ben Affleck Will Try To Survive In Wilderness Thriller 'I Am Still Alive'

Ben Affleck's got a lot on his plate, although we're still unsure if any of that involves wearing a cape and cowl as Batman. And while he's got other projects coming up like Triple Frontier and maybe a sequel to The Accountant, he still finds time to try new things. That's pretty much what we're getting with Ben Affleck's new movie, I Am Still Alive, a wilderness thriller adapted from the book by Kate Alice Marshall.

Affleck will star in and produce I Am Still Alive, which centers on a 16-year-old girl who lives off the grid in the Canadian wilderness with her long-lost father, but when he's murdered by men from his past she and her dog are forced to survive on their own.  When the men return to finish the job, she has a chance to exact some vengeance. Affleck will play the father, so who knows how big his role will really be. Perhaps he'll be seen quite a bit in flashback? The tone has been described as a combination of Wild, 127 Hours, and The Revenant.

Lori Evans Taylor will write the script, having had a background in wilderness storytelling as a producer on various Animal Planet shows and Paramount Network's 1000 Ways to Die. She turned to screenwriting and has a thriller titled Bed Rest in the works. 

No word on a director or a release date, and with Affleck you never know what his schedule is going to look like or when he'll fit something like this in.  [THR]