You Can See 'Aquaman' A Week Early If You've Got Amazon Prime

How excited are you to see Aquaman? Excited enough to want to check it out a week early? If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, the cash you're shelling out to receive free 2-day shipping can also be used to check out the film a week early on December 15th.

On that date, Amazon will hold special screenings of Aquaman in about 1000 theaters across the country. Prime members can purchase tickets to attend one of these events, so you can then brag to your friends that Jason Momoa granted you permission to come aboard early. In an Amazon promo vid Momoa calls Aquaman "the most badass movie of the year", which is totally a Momoa thing to say.

To see if Aquaman is showing early near you,  go here.

This is a smooth move for Warner Bros. to get ahead of a crowded December pack, while at the same time Amazon continues to set a foothold theatrically. They pulled a similar move with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and that went on to be one of the highest-grossing movies of the year. It makes sense for Warner Bros. to make use of Amazon's vast reach.

For those who haven't been assimilated by Amazon yet, Aquaman opens on December 21st.