Rock Hudson Biopic In The Works From Arrowverse Creator Greg Berlanti

I don't know how Greg Berlanti does it, but he keeps finding ways to make himself busier outside of the dozen or so Arrowverse shows he personally oversees. Maybe he's ducked into the Multiverse and plucked out a duplicate. After directing Love, Simon earlier this year, Berlanti is now moving forward on a biopic of Hollywood icon Rock Hudson.

This is interesting, because Berlanti is following up Love, Simon, a teen rom-com about a gay boy who goes to great lengths to hide his sexual preference, with a biopic on Rock Hudson, who was forced to hide his homosexuality through most of his life. Berlanti will direct the film based on Mark Griffin's book,  All That Heaven Allows: A Biography of Rock Hudson, about Hudson's rise to become one of Hollywood's biggest stars beginning in the 1950s. One look at him and you could see why he became such a studio darling. He had the classically handsome profile, and of course that made his personal life a hot topic of discussion in the newspapers. But Hudson was always forced to live a double life, because coming out in the days of old Hollywood was basically career suicide. Rumors that he was gay dogged him throughout his career, beginning as early as 1955, but he never actually came out as gay.

Hudson contracted HIV in 1984, becoming one of the earliest and highest-profile celebrities to be diagnosed. His diagnosis brought attention and discussion to the growing AIDS crisis at a time when many were trying to sweep it under the rug. It'll be interesting to see how much of Hudson's life before and after the diagnosis Berlanti chooses to focus on. As of now there is no screenwriter attached so don't expect to see this for some time. [Deadline]