Mark Ruffalo Joins Todd Haynes' Untitled DuPont Scandal Drama

As rumored back in September, Mark Ruffalo is joining the next film by Carol and Wonderstruck director, Todd Haynes. Formerly known as Dry Run, the story has ties to Ruffalo's Oscar-nominated performance in the 2014 drama, Foxcatcher.

Ruffalo had been originally been on board as a producer, but now he will take a starring role in the untitled film about the lawyer who took on the DuPont chemical company in a major environmental lawsuit. That man was corporate lawyer Robert Bilott, played by Ruffalo, who upended his career to expose DuPont's decades-long history of chemical pollution. Nathaniel Rich’s New York Times Magazine article "The Lawyer Who Became DuPont’s Worst Nightmare" is the source material on this one, adapted by Matthew Carnahan and Mario Correa.

The du Pont family was depicted on the big screen recently in Foxcatcher, about wealthy heir John du Pont who went nuts and murdered Olympic wrestler Dave Schultz, played by Ruffalo. No word on when shooting could begin, but I'm sure it'll be after Ruffalo finishes up press commitments on Avengers 4. [Deadline]