Joe Russo Reveals The Current 'Avengers 4' Runtime

What's the logical way to announce the opening of your brand new restaurant? For Avengers 4 director Joe Russo it's by hosting a Q&A where fans ask you a bunch of questions, not about food or anything, but the fate of Captain America, movie runtimes, and shit like that.

Russo recently opened the doors on his restaurant, Duello, and decided to do an Instagram Q&A which ended up mostly being about Avengers 4. OF COURSE! He didn't spill anything too important, but he did provide an update on where the film stands right now...

“We are about halfway through the editing process. So we’re just scratching the surface on our VFX shots. There are more than 3000 VFX shots in the movie… We just started work with Alan Silvestri on the score and still editing picture at this point.”

Seeing as they're in the editing bay now, that leads one to wonder what is being left on the cutting room floor. Avengers: Infinity War clocked in at 149 minutes, so you'd think its sequel would be at least that long, if not longer. Well, as of right now it is longer...

“The running time on ‘Avengers 4’ is currently sitting at 3 hours, so we’ll see if that holds, but we’re sitting at 3 hours right now.”

Russo continued with the kind of bland hype that makes good headlines but means absolutely nothing...

“Will the stakes be higher in Avengers 4? Absolutely. 100%. The highest of any of the films to date, without question.”

Yeah, okay. We'll see. Avengers 4 has a Hell of a high bar to reach when it opens May 3rd 2019.