Is 'Machete Kills Again...In Space' Still Happening?

Ahh, Danny Trejo, the national treasure and one of the most prolific character actors working today. Danny's a friend of the PDC, hell he even gave us our first exclusive some 10 years ago. It would suffice to say that we're happy for any work that Trejo gets but Machete is something special. Born from a fake trailer during the intermission of the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino Grindhouse experiment Machete is a Mexican federale who kicks ass and takes names. The original film relished in it's rediculousness putting every Grindhouse stereotype on the table and dialing it up to 13, it was not a quality film by any stretch but damn was it fun. Machete Kills, the direct sequel brought more of the same and added Mel Gibson as a psychopathic business man bad guy that wreaked of the funniest parts of all 60s and 70s Bond villains and concluded with a promise that "Machete will return in... Machete Kills Again in Space, something that could have easily been taken as a joke. Well, in a recent interview with Popcorn Talks, which we got via the good folks at Joblo.com, Trejo let loose that it may not have been such a joke after all. Years after the last time Machete graced the screen (to mediocre box office mind you) it appears that the bladed bad-ass has not been forgotten, Trejo said:

Robert [Rodriguez] is working on it. When that comes out, it's gonna just be unbelievably crazy.
So yeah, it's not a trailer or a relase date, and truth be told I"m sure Rodriguez is working on 20 things all the time (someones got to write the next Spy Kids movie), but it's cool to know there's a possible world ahead where we get more Machete. I'm all for quality, classy, film but we have to mix the trashy and fun in there with it. All I know is that I'll be in line whenever this hits theaters.