Zack Snyder May Have Wanted To Kill Batman In A 'Justice League' Sequel

New day, more of Zack Snyder telling us what his DCEU Snyderverse would have been. It always sounds so cool...in theory, but not so much in execution. Just days ago he took to his favorite home, Vero (Does anybody use Vero other than Snyder?) and talked about how The Atom would have been in Justice League, which would have been pretty cool. He's talked a lot about Batman v Superman, in an effort to clarify his goals on that sloppy effort. And now he might've confirmed to a fan that Justice League part two would have seen the demise of the Dark Knight himself.

This all started earlier this year when concept artist Jay Oliva revealed that Snyder's DCEU would have comprised five movies in total, ending on the planned Justice League sequel. Remember, it was originally designed as a two-parter. Most recently, a fan hit up Vero and shared a photo of Superman holding Batman's corpse, an image taken from Grant Morrison's Final Crisis #6, and captioned it with “What we may have seen in the 5 story arc…”

Snyder later responded to that with "of course", which is admittedly pretty flimsy for the kind of breathless reporting on this I've been seeing all day. Snyder could have been saying that in jest, and I'm inclined to feel this way only because he would have DEFINITELY dropped a full post explaining how he would kill Batman, who would have killed him, and the repercussions of killing him. That's just what he do. 

But if you look at this as Snyder's plan all along, then it makes sense why casting Ben Affleck to play an aging Batman made sense. The stories were always intended to be finite, and Affleck could have taken the role before it being passed on to another actor for when Snyder's run was up. Now Warner Bros. is in the position of trying to retool/retcon everything to make it seem like Snyder's movies never happened. The fanboy in me kinda wishes we could see Snyder's full vision brought to life. Even if the movies sucked he would definitely bring a certain geeky enthusiasm that I don't feel from the DCEU flicks right now, even if they are better projects overall.  [Batman News]