'The Quake' Trailer: Norwegian Disaster Flick 'The Wave' Has Spawned An Earth-Rattling Sequel

The 2016 disaster thriller The Wave was a smash hit, not only in its native Norway but internationally. The film helped introduce us to director Roar Uthaug, who directed the recent Tomb Raider reboot nobody seemed to like very much. But his breakout film still holds up, and little did we know that it spawned a sequel, titled The Quake, which now has a rather impressive trailer.

Not that Uthaug has anything to do with The Quake. He's been replaced by director John Andreas Andersen who hopes to make a similar impression by destroying Oslo with the same destructive glee that Roland Emmerich destroys Washington, DC.  Here's the synopsis:

In 1904 an earthquake with a 5.4 magnitude on the Richter scale shook Oslo. Its epicenter was in the Oslo Rift which runs directly through the Norwegian capital. There are recorded quakes from the rift on a daily basis and geologists cannot be sure, but arguments indicate that we can expect major future earthquakes in this area. When – nobody can say for certain – but we know that the density of people and infrastructure in Oslo is significantly more vulnerable today than in 1904. What if a massive earthquake is looming?

The Quake has already opened in Norway but arrives stateside on December 14th.