'The Prodigy' Trailer: There's A New Creepy Kid On The Block

Creepy kid movies are one genre of horror that will never not be...well, creepy. From The Omen to Joshua, there's something about an evil or possessed child that gives us the willies. And now there's a new one to get freaked out by, The Prodigy, which stars Orange is the New Black's Taylor Schilling.

Set to the unnerving "tick tock" of a metronome, the trailer introduces us to Miles, a young man whose disturbing behavior has his mother worried something supernatural is going on. We see glimpses of his childhood and something horrible and violent happening on the day of Miles' birth, and I hope this footage isn't giving too much away. Here's hoping Miles' true nature hasn't been spoiled.

The film is directed by Nicholas McCarthy, who has caught the attention of genre fans with At the Devil's Door and The Pact. Filling out the cast are child actor Jackson Robert Scott (Stephen King's It), Colm Feore, and Peter Mooney.  The Prodigy opens February 8th 2019.