Ryan Reynolds Will Play A Video Game NPC In Action-Comedy 'Free Guy'

A live-action Wreck-It Ralph? That's kinda what the premise of the new action sci-fi comedy Free Guy sounds like. Ryan Reynolds will take a break from Deadpool flicks to star in it, with Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum) directing.

The Free Guy story features Reynolds as a background character in a video game, generally known as NPCs (non-player characters), who comes to realize that he in fact living in a game. Not unlike Deadpool knowing that he exists in a comic book or in a movie, right? Anyway, this NPC teams up with an avatar to prevent the game's maker from shutting their world down. The script was penned by Matt Lieberman.

No word on a release date. Next up for Reynolds is an family-friendly cut of Deadpool 2 hitting theaters this Christmas. He'll also star in Michael Bay's action film, 6 Underground. Levy is an exec-producer on Stranger Things and is attached to direct video game adaptation Uncharted, but who knows if that will ever happen. [THR]