Review: ‘Maximum Impact’, An Embarrasingly Bad Spy Comedy

Maximum Impact is an action comedy that highlights the clearly fragile relationship between the United States and Russia. In order to ease the tension between the two countries, the United States Secretary of State Robert Jacobs (Eric Roberts) is heading to Moscow for a secret summit. Unfortunately, his granddaughter Brittney (Polina Butorina) has stowed away on his jet in an attempt to meet Pavel Chernov (Aristarkh Venes) one of her social media friends who happens to be the star of a Russian boy band. Accompanying Secretary Jacobs are two secret service agents – Kate (Kelly Hu) and Barnes (Tom Arnold), the latter of which has a bladder issue that is referenced far too many times for far too few laughs. Leading the security efforts for Russia is FSB agent Maxim Kadurin (Alexander Nevsky), who is known as the ‘Hammer from Hell’. Maxim enlists the help of Don Sanchez (Danny Trejo) – a drug kingpin – to tip him off about any threats to the summit.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, an international terrorist (William Baldwin) finds out about the summit from a mole in the state department and sends his best man Tony Lin (Mark Dacascos) to cause an international incident. Tony happens to be a former TV show star, still caught up in the glory of his now defunct acting career. When Brittney ends up disappearing in an apparent kidnapping by Tony and his men, the US secret service agents and FSB agents must work together to try and get her back before any hopes of diplomacy between the US and Russia are out the window.

Maximum Impact is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The acting is awful, the plot is stupid, and there is a lack of legitimate action or comedy throughout. I could see this movie being funny to a group of middle schoolers at a sleepover, although there are adult themes including Danny Trejo preforming some sexual activities on female friend. I usually try hard to find some redeeming qualities in every movie I review, and I did the same here, but Maximum Impact had none. The film is from the brain trust of director Andrzej Bartkowiak (Doom, Romeo Must Die) and writer Ross LaManna (Rush Hour). Bartkowiak and LaManna have been part of some solid flicks in the past, but Maximum Impact does not hold any water compared to any of their past successes.

Some movies, like Sharknado, are so bad that they can be good… unfortunately Maximum Impact is so bad it’s just that, bad. Really bad. There have been spy parodies in the past that were extremely well done – Naked Gun and Spy immediately come to mind – and Maximum Impact isn’t close to the caliber of these. There are some recognizable faces – with Tom Arnold, Danny Trejo, and William Baldwin having bit parts. None of these roles is enough to save Maximum Impact from being a jumbled head scratching mess. Avoid this movie at all costs, trust me.

Rating: 0 out of 5