Paz Vega Joins Newly-Titled 'Rambo 5: Last Blood'

Just like his buddy Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone has a real problem letting go of his most iconic roles. He's kept coming back as Rocky Balboa even though the Creed franchise clearly belongs to Michael B. Jordan, and he has repeatedly returned as the , John Rambo. Currently he is shooting Rambo 5, which we now know will be titled Rambo 5: Last Blood and feature Paz Vega in a supporting role.

Vega, best known for her roles in Sex and Lucia and Spanglish, is joining Stallone in the film which finds the PTSD-afflicted John Rambo in Arizona battling a Mexican drug cartel. She'll play a reporter covering the cartels who joins with Rambo after her half-sister is kidnapped.  The film will be directed by Adrian Grunberg with a script co-written by Stallone and Matt Cirulnick.

Stallone has released his share of photos from the set, including the below one which shows Rambo in full cowboy gear, far from the camo and bandana we're used to. But it makes sense as he was last seen visiting his father's Arizona ranch at the end of 2008's Rambo, and presumably that's where he stayed. 

Look for Rambo: Last Blood to open in 2019. [THR]