New 'Child's Play' TV Series Details Revealed

There's so much going on with the Child's Play franchise that it's sometimes hard to keep track. In short, there's so much love out there for Chucky that one franchise can't sustain it. So MGM has a remake on the way that will do something different with the killer doll, while series creator Don Mancini has a TV series that will stick to the prior established continuity, picking up after the events of 2017's Cult of Chucky.

I can't even begin to talk about all of the wacky crap that went down in that movie, but let's keep it simple and say it gives Chucky the ability to possess other dolls, which opens up a ton of storyline possibilities that Mancini plans to pick up on. He described his plan to fans attending the recent Screamfest...

“We deliberately ended Cult with a bunch of cliffhangers to set up a TV series. Because there are so many different threads now, television could best accommodate that so that was done intentionally. At the same time, we have a whole new world, a bunch of new characters which we can say nothing about.”

Producer and Chucky designer David Kirschner added, “The only thing I think we can say is from the original film that Don wrote, Child’s Play, we are playing with that concept again, the idea of child’s play. I’ll let you guys fill in the pieces of that.” 

Sounds like there will be an actual kid in the mix, like with Andy Barclay in the original movie. 

Mancini continued, “So this time not by merely changing genre but by changing medium. This will give us a different kind of canvas, a much bigger canvas to explore characters and relationships.”

The Child's Play movies have grown to encompass a ton of different characters, and the plots have become increasingly bizarre. While I don't see how it works as a TV series I'm interested in seeing Mancini try.  [BloodyDisgusting]