Keira Knightley To Star In 'Misbehaviour' About Disrupted 1970 Miss World Pageant

In today's climate the beauty pageant has felt increasingly like an antiquated practice, which is why you see many of the bigger contests changing their rules to put less emphasis on physical appearance. We didn't come around to that way of thinking only yesterday; it was after years of protests that began with the early feminist movement, and one pageant most affected by it was the Miss World, which saw their 1970 event disrupted in historic fashion.

Keira Knightley will star in Misbehaviour, a new dramedy ensemble about the 1970 Miss World competition which was disrupted, live on-air, by feminist protestors. Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Belle) and Irish singer/actress Jessie Buckley (Beast) also star in the film which recounts how the Women's Liberation Movement invaded the stage and the live broadcast, interrupting host Bob Hope who looked flummoxed at what was going on. Not only did the group achieve overnight fame, but the competition drew an uproar for crowning Miss Grenada, the first black winner ever, and not the Swedish favorite. The result was a shocking overthrow of the patriarchy and a reevaluation of the Western ideal of beauty. Presumably Mbatha-Raw will play Jennifer Hosten, the winner of the competition that year.

Two-time BAFTA winner Philippa Lowthorpe (Three Girls) will direct from a script by Rebecca Frayn, with revisions by Gaby Chiappe.

Of all the beauty queen comedies out there this has a long way to go to best Drop Dead Gorgeous, but it's a really interesting story and the casting is top notch so far. [Deadline]