'Jonathan' Trailer: Ansel Elgort Experiences A Unique Case Of Sibling Rivalry

How do you and your siblings get along? No doubt there is at least some small amount of rivalry between you, because that's just normal. But what happens when you and your rival sibling share the same body? That's the intriguing premise of the new sci-fi film Jonathan, which features twice the Ansel Elgort for one low price.

The Baby Driver star pulls double-duty as Jonathan and his brother, who lead very different lives. Very different lives that happen to be in the same body.  In the morning, one brother leads a normal, every life; in the evening the other, more exciting brother takes over. They exist in shifts, basically, but that fragile balance can't last forever. Assassination Nation's Suki Waterhouse co-stars as the love interest of the nocturnal bro, with Patricia Clarkson and Matt Bomer also on board.

Bill Oliver directed and co-wrote Jonathan, which hits theaters and VOD on November 16th.