It's Teens Vs. Parents In The 'Runaways' Season Two Trailer

I've got all of the Marvel Runaways Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, but still haven't seen a single second of season one. Oops. Eventually I'll get around to it, even though I've heard mixed things about that first season. Did it really take them until the final episode to do the one thing they were always supposed to do, run away?

The new trailer for the second season is here and it promises a life-or-death battle between the runaway teens and their deadly parents, the villainous cabal known as The Pride. This season the team will find their new base, make new discoveries about their powers, and make their first real connection to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Don't expect it to be much, though. I wouldn't bet on the team suddenly vanishing because of the infamous Thanos Snap or anything, but hopefully it's more than just some passing reference to the Battle of New York. 

Runaways returns to Hulu with 13 new episodes onDecember 21st, and this time you can binge them all at once.