HBO's 'Watchmen' Debuts A Mysterious Image Of A Remixed Character

Hmmm..there's something about that bright yellow.  HBO is still a long ways off from debuting Damon Lindelof's "remixed" Watchmen series, but the mystery can officially begin thanks to the show's official Instagram account, which has offered a first glimpse at one of the new characters. Or perhaps a different version of a familiar one?

There isn't much context here other than the caption "Who Watches the Watchmen?" seen in Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' classic graphic novel. It looks to be a police officer of some kind, sporting a bright yellow mask that completely obscures the face, so it's impossible to tell which of the cast is under it. Also take note of the Instagram account's logo, which is reminiscent of the blood-spattered Comedian logo we know, but not quite.

Something tells me this character is no enforcer of the law, at least not in any official capacity. And the color scheme, so much a part of the comic, suggests this might be a different take on a character we know. We shall see.

Watchmen stars Regina King, Jeremy Irons, Tim Blake Nelson, Louis Gossett Jr., and Don Johnson, and is expected to hit HBO next year.

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