Falcon And Winter Soldier Limited Series In The Works For Disney's Streaming Channel

Anthony Mackie's Falcon and Sebastian Stan's Winter Soldier didn't exactly get along in Captain America: Civil War, and their distinct lack of chemistry led to some truly funny moments. Fans really responded to them, and Marvel is always about giving the fans what they want. A limited series featuring Falcon and Bucky is in the works for Disney's upcoming streaming service launching in 2019.

The series will be developed by Malcolm Spellman, a writer on FX's hit series, Empire, and an exec-producer on HBO's controversial Confederate that is probably never gonna happen. No other details are available but we can assume the buddy comedy dynamic will be back in play. I'm also going to assume this takes both characters out of the running to pick up the mantle of Captain America if need be after the events of Avengers 4. Or maybe this series will be part of helping to figure that out?

This is just the latest miniseries event announced, following news of a show for Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch and another for Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Perhaps most exciting, the six-to-eight episode shows won't be overseen by Jeph Loeb over at Marvel TV, whose track record is sketchy at best. They will instead be run by Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige, the architect of the MCU as we know it. So at least we know there will be a certain level of quality that some of the other Marvel TV shows have failed to attain. [Variety]