A 'Clueless' Remake Is In The Works Because Of Course It Is

Oh, you somehow thought Clueless was too much of a classic to be remade? As if! Amy Heckerling's Clueless is such a perfect window into the 1990s, from the cast to the fashion to the lingo, but it holds up as well today as it did back then. Its theme and characters remain universal, but Paramount has decided they need an update from GLOW writer Marquita Robinson, joined by Girls Trip writer Tracy Oliver as producer.

Deadline has the report but doesn't have anything in details, really. Amy Heckerling's 1995 film is a loose-knit remake of Jane Austen's 1815 book Emma, and stars Alicia Silverstone as the singularly-named Cher, a wealthy teen socialite in Beverly Hills who can't help matchmaking her closest friends. The film featured a ton of recognizable stars including Stacey Dash, the late Brittany Murphy, Jeremy Sisto, and some guy named Paul Rudd. It was such a success a TV series was launched the following year and lasted for three seasons.  A stage musical is due to hit Broadway soon, as well.

Paramount released the original movie and they are probably just trying to make the best use of the property, but I really wish they would just create something new. Let's face it, this new Clueless will probably feature all sorts of social media tie-ins and modern technology, so why not just make an entirely different movie and try to create another original cult classic?

On the plus side there should be 100% less Coolio in this one.