Yippee Kai Yay! Funko Unveils 'Die Hard' Pops Just In Time For Christmas

Yippee kai yay! It's a wonder it took Funko so long to create a line of Die Hard Pop! Vinyl figures, but they are here and arriving just in time for Christmas. I guess we know where they stand on whether Die Hard is really a Christmas movie. Answer: yes it is.

So who have we got? Obviously, there's Bruce Willis, all bloodied up as John McClane, with his walkie talkie, trusty pistol, and bare feet.  We also get two versions of the late great Alan Rickman as villain Hans Gruber, the second, better dressed version a GameStop exclusive. I never thought Family Matters' Reginald VelJohnson would have a Funko figure but here he is as police Sgt. Al Powell, carrying an armload of Twinkies. There's also  Andreas Wisniewski as terrorist Tony Vreski, looking a lot like he does when he gets killed. Definitely the most morbid Funko I've seen in a minute.

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Die Hard John McClane Pop! Vinyl Figure #667

Die Hard Hans Gruber Pop! Vinyl Figure #669

Die Hard Tony Vreski Pop! Vinyl Figure #671

Die Hard Al Powell Pop! Vinyl Figure #668