'Thelma' Remake Lands 'I, Tonya' Director Craig Gillespie

One of the best and strangest supernatural thrillers in recent years, Joaquin Trier's 2017 film Thelma largely escaped the notice of American audiences. Critics loved it, both here and abroad, with the Norwegian film racking up numerous awards. As we've seen far too often of late, acclaimed foreign films are always destined to get an English-language remake at some point, and one for Thelma is now in the works with a director on board to make it happen.

I, Tonya director Craig Gillespie will take on the Thelma remake, although it would have been nice if Trier could have done it himself. Christy Hall will pen the Americanized take on the story of Thelma, a girl with powerful telekinetic abilities that emerge due to her desire for a female classmate. Eili Harboe took on the titular role in the original movie and I'm curious to see who is cast for Gillespie's take.

Despite the delicate balancing act he pulled off with I, Tonya, I wouldn't call Gillespie the most consistent filmmaker around. I like his Fright Night remake better than most, but find Lars and the Real Girl pretentious, and Mr. Woodcock atrocious.  He's a peculiar choice for this job, and I have doubts he can pull it off. [Deadline]