Seth Rogen Will Get Pickled In His New Comedy For Sony

This might be the closest Seth Rogen gets to playing Captain America. Rogen, who has been busy producing and hasn't had a major starring role since Neighbors 2, is set to star in a new Sony comedy that finds him woken up in the present day ala the Avengers hero. Only this one involves being pickled rather than frozen in ice.

The untitled comedy will be directed by cinematographer Brandon Troust and penned by Man Seeking Woman creator Simon Rich. The strange story finds Rogen playing dual roles, first as Herschel Greenbaum, who immigrated to the U.S. in 1918 and works in a factory making pickles. When he accidentally falls into a vat of pickles he is brined for a century, waking up in the present day in perfect condition. The first thing he does is seek out any living family members, and comes across his great-grandson played also by Rogen.

Weird, right?

The film marks Rogen's return to Sony, where he, Evan Goldberg, and James Franco nearly caused WWIII with their controversial North Korea comedy, The Interview. Glad to see fences have been mended. Next up for Rogen is the comedy Flarsky opposite Charlize Theron, and voicing Pumbaa in Disney's live-action The Lion King. [Variety]