Paul Feig Says His 'Ghostbusters' Sequel Would Have Taken The Action Global

I still think it was bad timing that hurt Paul Feig's Ghostbusters when it opened in 2016. A year later Wonder Woman would help spark a revolution of successful female-led films, and that trend continues today with the nearly $300M box office of Ocean's Eight. While we won't get a sequel to Feig's film, the director hit up the Happy Sad Confused podcast to talk about what one would have looked like, and he says the ghostbusting ladies would have taken on the paranormal globally...

“I definitely wanted us to go to another country. Because when we were doing the press tour, the international press tour, every country the reporters would come with these drawings or artist renderings of that country’s ghosts. And every country has these really wild ghost stories and ghost characters that they scare kids with or keep people in line with. I really loved the idea of the Ghostbusters going to like Asia. Yeah, so there’s a lot of fun stuff what we could have done."

The Ghostbusters franchise is pretty much dormant right now, but maybe some of Feig's ideas will be rolled over into a different project? It just seems like there's so much potential in the team going international that it's disappointing we may never see it.

Feig's latest film, A Simple Favor, hits theaters this weekend and stars Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively.