Patrick Stewart Joins 'Charlie's Angels' Reboot As A Bosley, Kristen Stewart Calls Film "Super-Woke"

Elizabeth Banks' Charlie's Angels reboot has just doubled up on its Stewart quotient. With Kristen Stewart set to lead the team of female super-spies, the cast now adds Patrick Stewart in the role of Bosley. Well, he's "a Bosley", because this Charlie's Angels is doing things a little differently.

In the original TV series, Bosley was the face of Charlie Townsend's detective agency, and basically the liaison between Townsend the trio of female agents. In the earlier movies the role of Bosley was filled once by Bill Murray and then Bernie Mac (!!!) in the sequel. In this newer version, Towsend runs an ingelligence and security agency with branches all around the world, and each has its own Bosley. Banks will direct the film and star as another of the Bosleys.

The next-gen Angels will be led by Kristen Stewart, Power Rangers' Naomi Scott, and rising star Ella Balinska in her first major screen role. Stewart recently spoke to IndieWire about her decision to do the film, since she rarely takes on blockbuster studio movies these days, and she says this version of Charlie's Angels won't look like anything we've seen before...

“I’ve never done such a fun movie. “’JT’ (her film Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy) was fun but it was dark and heavy, a lot of weight. [‘Charlie’s Angels’] was a lot of flouncing around joking, women supporting each other, not just kicking ass and being kitschy. It was so well-intentioned and warm and strong. The only reason to remake ‘Charlie’s Angels’ was to do a super-woke version, with no objectification whatsoever.”

Charlie's Angels will hit theaters on September 27th 2019. [THR]