Kate Beckinsale Says She's Done With The 'Underworld' Franchise

The Underworld franchise has stuck around longer than I think anybody expected. Featuring vampires in an eternal feud against Lycans/werewolves, they have largely relied on Kate Beckinsale as the chief vampire warrior, Selene. There have been five Underworld movies and she has starred in four of them, most recently in 2016's Underworld: Blood Wars, which earned a franchise low $81M overall.

While there has been talk of a sixth Underworld movie for some reason, Beckinsale says she won't slip back into the skin-tight leather to star in it. She makes her point short and quick to Variety...

“I wouldn’t return. I’ve done plenty of those.”

Well, so much for that. I don't know if Underworld can really thrive without her, but to be honest, Blood Wars proved that it's not really thriving with her. So this may be the end, at least until somebody comes around and reboots the whole thing.