Henry Cavill Is Trolling Fans Over This Superman Thing

Henry Cavill is totally trolling his fans right now, and I love it. After news broke yesterday that he was finished as Superman, there's been some push back from both Warner Bros. and Cavill's camp. So what's up? Is he or is he not done with the DCEU?

Well, Cavill isn't giving any answers, he's clouding things up with a weird-ass Instagram post where he slowly raises a Superman action figure into view, all while listening to barking dogs and some Johann Strauss. Oh, and he's got a Krypton Lifting Team shirt on. What up, Supes?

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I suppose we could take his goofing around as a good sign that he's sticking around? Or perhaps it's his way of blowing off the role one final time? It could be his way of saying good-bye if the latest THR update is true in that Warner Bros. decided to move on from Cavill, not the other way around.