'Hellboy' Gets Bumped Three Months To April 2019

So how's that Hellboy movie coming along, eh? Been a long wait for it, right? No trailers, no nothin'. Well, we have an idea why now, as the David Harbour-led, Guilermo Del Toro-free movie has been pushed back three months.

THR reports Neil Marshall's take on the popular brick-handed comic book character will arrive on April 12th 2019, three months after its original January 11th date. As for the reasons why, that we don't know yet but this move can be seen a couple of different ways. Either Lionsgate is super happy and wanted to get it out of the January dumps, or there are very real problems that need time to be corrected. Until we know more you can take your pick.

This move puts Hellboy in close competiton with DC's Shazam film, which opens a week later on April 29th. It goes directly against Robert Downey Jr.'s Voyage of Doctor Doolittle, which we also haven't seen anything of.

There's a chance we may get a Hellboy trailer at next week's New York Comic-Con, so fingers crossed!