'Gambit' Rumored To Begin Production Early Next Year

It wasn't that long ago Channing Tatum was up there on the San Diego Comic-Con stage as part of 20th Century Fox's group pic for all of their biggest superhero movie stars. At the time it was the most certain example we had that a Gambit film was going to happen. Even before that photo the production had a tough time getting going, and since then the only thing that's happened are delays, directors leaving, and...well, that's about it.

The Gambit movie has become a punchline, but OmegaUnderground thinks that could be changing. The site reports Fox are about to start hiring a crew to begin shooting Gambit in New Orleans on February 15th. Keep in mind there's no director currently attached to the film, so unless something has changed recently I'm very skeptical about that happening.

Gambit has gone through directors like a kid through Halloween candy, with Rupert Wyatt, Doug Liman, and Gore Verbinski all bowing out before long. Through it all, Channing Tatum has stayed on board to play the Ragin' Cajun, but how long can that last? And will any of it matter once the Disney merger goes through, right around the time Gambit is supposed to start shooting?