'Galveston' Trailer: 'True Detective' Creator Sends Ben Foster & Elle Fanning On A Vengeful Road Trip

Although Galveston may have been yanked from the TIFF lineup, the film's credentials are undeniable and worth getting excited over. Based on a book by True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto, and directed by Beginners and Operation Finale actress Melanie Laurent who has been making a name for herself behind the camera, the film's biggest draws may be stars Ben Foster and Elle Fanning. The new trailer promises a stylish and sexy crime thriller that could be one of next month's biggest surprises.

Both a revenge flick and a road trip movie, Galveston stars Foster as a dying criminal, set up to take the fall after a job goes south, with Fanning as the prostitute he kidnaps on the way to Galveston. There he intends to exact revenge on those who betrayed him.  It's a simple and familiar premise but the vibrant colors and more dramatic flourishes I think are indicative of Laurent's French background. The film played at SXSW earlier this year and the reviews weren't great, but I want to see this and judge for myself.

Here's the synopsis: Roy Cady is a taciturn tough guy whose day is spiraling from bad news to worse news before it ends with him being set up during a heist. Barely escaping with his life, he notices a young woman named Rocky, who was also left behind in the bloodshed, and takes her with him. This unexpected duo hits the road trying to find a respectful space between them as they grapple with personal demons and brutal showdowns.

Also starring Lili Reinhart, MarĂ­a Valverde, Beau Bridges, Robert Aramayo and Adepero Oduye, Galveston hits theaters and VOD on October 19th.