'Bond 25' Won't Feature Danny Boyle And John Hodge's Script

Well, this shouldn't come as any surprise. Ever since Danny Boyle exited the James Bond franchise weeks ago, it's become apparent that a clean break was going to be needed, even if keeping the story he fashioned with writer John Hodge would have helped speed up production. But it's not happening, and producers have decided it's best to stick with what they know works rather than move forward on a Danny Boyle story without the director's involvement.

Franchise writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are being brought back into action to pen the Bond 25 script. The duo have written multiple 007 scripts in the past, and were brought on for Bond 25 before Boyle and Hodge came aboard. The assumption was they had already completed the screenplay but DailyMail says that's not the case. Only an initital treatment was finished and approved, and now a full script must be written, and written quickly I imagine.

We don't really know any details on either story idea, though. Actor Saïd Taghmaoui revealed that a decision hasn't even been made on the villain's ethnicity, which is kinda funny that such a thing needs to be discussed. DailyMail adds that “there’s a keenness for women to be more front-and-centre" in this next movie, so maybe we'll get something similar to Halle Berry's role as Jinx in Die Another Day? That would be cool.

So this is a positive step, and hopefully the next will be finding a director that Daniel Craig can get along with.