Winstead Shows a New Side in Trailer for 'All About Nina'

Cooky stand-up comic finds love while battling fledgling stardom. Ok, so it's not the MOST used story-line but we've definitely seen it before. The thing is, we've seen everything before, it's all about who gives it to us that makes the difference. All About Nina, which is already generating buzz after being nominated in the "Best Narrative Feature" category at TIFF this year, stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Common as the aforementioned comic and love interest, respectively. Movie trailers are like the first 3 months of any relationship, you know that time when you only show your positive traits and DEFINITELY don't leave your skid-marked boxers laying around, so they aren't to be trusted. You need to take the pieces of what they show you and discern what that says about the movie. In this case, that's the appeal of the leads. Common, who I'm pretty sure is related directly to Jesus, comes off the way he always does...soulful, deliberate, and genuinely kind (I may have a man crush but that's not what we're talking about here). Mary Elizabeth Winstead who, despite her geek and indie cred, has been underplayed at box offices, seems to get to really stretch her wings, showing a more funny and vulnerable side that I haven't seen in her previous work. The two play as a true yin and yang throughout the trailer and have obvious chemistry. If this peek into the film holds true then I'd say were in for more then another throw away rom-com.

All About Nina hits theaters September 28th