'Vox Lux' Teaser Reveals Natalie Portman As A Lady Gaga-esque Pop Star

After venturing into an alien realm in Annihilation and walking the halls of the White House in Jackie, Natalie Portman is entering the most dangerous territory yet: the pop music business. In Brady Corbet's Vox Lux she plays an international pop star and her rise to the top of the charts. The film begins in the year 1999 and moves into the present day, in the hours leading up to a major concert event.

In the brief teaser we see Portman in her role as Celeste, looking like a cross between Lady Gaga and her character from Black Swan. Clearly this is going to be a centerpiece role for Portman, but she's surrounded by an impressive cast that includes Jude Law, Stacy Martin, Jennifer Ehle, and Raffey Cassidy.

Corbet moved away from acting and into his directorial debut three years ago with The Childhood of a Leader, which earned raves at Venice. So it's no wonder he's bringing Vox Lux there this year, when it will have its world premiere on September 4th.