Ruby Rose Is CW's Live-Action Batwoman

This week Ruby Rose will be seen battling a prehistoric shark in The Meg, but after that she's taking a detour to Gotham City.  Rose has been confirmed to join CW's Arrowverse as Batwoman, and could lead a potential solo series.

Variety reports the news of Rose's casting, and this is pretty big, not just for the CW but for Rose. The actress will play Kate Kane in the annual Arrowverse crossover event that includes Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. From there she may take the lead on a Batwoman TV series primed for 2019.  The character is one of the few major lesbian superheroes and it was a good move on their part to sign a gay actress for the role.

Rose has been keeping busy in a bunch of big studio sequels like XXX: Return of Xander Cage, John Wick: Chapter Two, and Pitch Perfect 3. She tends to play badass characters that match with her edgy style, and I think Batwoman definitely applies.  I would have preferred she be cast in one of the DCEU's movies, but I now have one more reason to want a Batwoman series to be a reality.