MoviePass Subscribers Now Only Have Two Movies A Day To Pick From

There are more stories about MoviePass than there are satisfied subscribers. After having their service shutdown temporarily due to a lack of funds, and drastically reducing the benefits of being a subscriber, MoviePass went through another round of trouble this weekend. The result? Those three movies a month you were already pissed about? Well, now it's down to two.

MoviePass temporarily crashed again on Friday night, which is bad enough because it's happened three weekends in a row, but many subscribers were only left with two movie options: new but critically-reviled horror Slender Man or Mission: Impossible-Fallout which has been out for three weeks.  Some users were given the option of selecting The Spy Who Dumped Me, now in its second week.  If the theater you chose doesn't offer advanced e-ticketing these were the options that were made available, and the showtimes were severely limited in some cases. In one case, Disney's Christopher Robin, a movie pretty clearly made for kids, was only available late at night, then it was removed altogether when attention was brought to it.

Speaking with the New York Post, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe confirmed the continuting problems, and that the two movies a day is the new policy subscribers will have to chew on, and the movies might change each day...

“Unfortunately, in order to stay financially stable we’ve had to curtail the service. We had to right the ship as far as the amount of money we were burning. This has been a challenging time for us and our customers. We’re just trying to save our service to be able to be available long term.” 

Lowe denied that MoviePass was deliberately offering shitty showtime options, and that in a few weeks there will be availability at all times of the day.  But what possible reason could people have to believe him when each day brings a new limitation?