MoviePass Is Now Re-Enrolling Cancelled Subscribers In A New Plan WIthout Their Consent

Over the last couple of weeks I've heard from a lot of readers who say they have canceled their MoviePass subscriptions. It's hard to argue with that considering the shit show the service has become with regular outages, price changes, and a massive cut to the number of films you can see and select from. Well, those of you who did cancel might want to double check and make sure it went through, because MoviePass is pulling some sketchy shit right now.

Some who have canceled their MoviePass subscriptions have actually been quietly moved to a totally different plan. Say what? What's worse then that, though? This new plan doesn't allow you to cancel. That's right, you're stuck with it. Here's an example of the email, courtesy of Business Insider who got it from a MoviePass user...

Sinking even further, users who just want to check their cancellation status have to approve of this new plan, which starts tomorrow and that they then won't be able to cancel out from. Crazy, right?  Others who have tried to leave MoviePass have received system errors, or just found their accounts to still be active days later.

This is shady, right? If only to be a fly on the wall of the MoviePass boardroom where decisions like this are getting made. Sure, it's possible this is all just one big mistake, but do you really think it is? Honestly?