Meet Team Fireball In New Preview From 'Star Wars Resistance'

Get ready to head back to an animated galaxy far far away. We recently got our first look at Disney and Lucasfilm's new series, Star Wars Resistance, which takes place months prior to the events of The Force Awakens. While we've already met the show's central character, newbie Resistance pilot Kazuda "Kaz" Xiono, a new video introduces us to the rest of his squad, known as Team Fireball.

The Star Wars archetypes are pretty familiar, too, but as with Star Wars Rebels they should evolve over time. There's the requisite father figure character, Jarek Yaeger, a former Resistance pilot now a mechanic helping to investigate the growing threat of the First Order. Much like Kaz, he's called into action by General Leia herself, along with hotshot pilot Poe Dameron. Both Leia and Poe will make appearances in the series.

We're also introduced to fellow mechanic Tam Ryvora, who already looks to be more capable than Kaz ever will be. Of course there's an alien humanoid character, in this case the optimistic Neeku. Finally, there's got to be a droid companion, and while BB-8 does make appearances on the show it will be a new droid named Bucket who is part of the team. Along with Leia, BB-8, and Poe Dameron, expect other familiar faces to appear, including Captain Phasma, voiced once again by Gwendoline Christie.

Star Wars Resistance will hit Disney Channel on October 7th at 10pmEST.