Marvel Reportedly Making Last Ditch Effort To Keep James Gunn On 'Guardians Of The Galaxy 3'

The situation with James Gunn and Disney seems to be changing on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times daily, with his chances of staying aboard as Guardians of the Galaxy 3 director rising and falling with each update. The latest comes from Deadline, who say that Marvel Studios is making a final run at bringing Gunn back.

While there are ongoing negotiations between Disney and Gunn about the terms of his exit, we've heard virtually nothing from Marvel and its vocal head, Kevin Feige. This could be part of the reason for his silence, if he's trying to persuade Disney execs to change their minds quietly behind the scenes.

Deadline makes it clear Marvel isn't trying to strong arm Disney or anything, they just want to figure out where everybody's head is at right now and make the decision that is clearly best for everybody. The backlash from fans, and the movie's cast, has been considerable. Plus, there's concern the sequel won't be able to hit its target early 2019 start date if a new director is hired, and with Chris Pratt's tight scheduling that could cause bigger issues.

So this story is far from over and we'll probably hear something new tomorrow.