'Lizzie' Trailer: Chloe Sevigny & Kristen Stewart Give The Lizzie Borden Story An Erotic Spin

The fascination surrounding infamous axe "murderer" Lizzie Borden has never made sense to me,  and neither have the many movies or plays about her held much interest. But you put Kristen Stewart and Chloe Sevigny in one and I'm there. Craig William Macneil (The Boy) debuted Lizzie at Sundance earlier this year, and while the buzz was somewhat muted, the new trailer holds a lot of promise.

Macneil's film is a reimagining of the Lizzie Borden story, and he's giving it a sexy, erotic spin. Sevigny plays Borden, who in 1892 is put on trial for the brutal murders of her family, a charge she would eventually be acquitted of. Not that it's stopped speculation of her guilt, and Macneil throws out a few theories about her motives, including possible abuse by her father. Meanwhile, things steam up between Sevigny and Stewart, the latter playing  housemaid Bridget Sullivan, who Lizzie becomes intimate with.

Also starring Jamey Sheridan, Fiona Shaw, and Kim Dickens, Lizzie opens September 14th.