'Johnny English Strikes Again' Trailer: Rowan Atkinson Returns As Britain's Not-So-Super Spy

Because you demanded it, the world's most bumbling super spy is back. After Rowan Atkinson's two Johnny English movies combined for $320M worldwide, he's getting back in the field for a third time with Johnny English Strikes Again, and apparently he's as much of an idiot as ever.

Atkinson returns to the role that will probably define his career no matter what he does. When a super-hacker reveals the identities of every undercover agent in Britain, the only man left to save the day is English, who had retired from active duty but not from being an active moron. He's sent to the south of France where he's dumbfounded by all that new-fangled virtual reality technology, magnetic boots, and beautiful women like Olga Kurylenko.

Directed by David Kerr with Emma Thompson, Ben Miller, Jake Lacy, and Adam James co-starring, Johnny English Strikes Again opens October 26th.