Hey Marshmallows! 'Veronica Mars' Is Coming To Hulu As A Miniseries

Hey Marshmallows! Veronica Mars is coming back, and this time you won't have to chuck a bunch of money into making it happen, and you'll get more than just a two-hour movie.

Deadline reports Hulu and Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas on the verge of a deal that would bring back the fan-favorite detective in an event miniseries, with star Kristen Bell returning to her breakout role. Bell wouldn't be alone, either, as much of the original cast would be expected to come back to Neptune.

We've already seen how the show has remains popular with its fan base. The original series ran from 2004-2007 on UPN and then The CW. In 2013 a Kickstarter fund was launched by Thomas and Bell with the goal of raising $2M for a feature film, ultimately ending up with over $5 and a movie that hit theaters the next year. It only made about $3M in the end, but it showed the series' fans still have a lot of loyalty...and money to throw around. To be fair, I'm dirt poor and put in $10 myself, then paid to see the movie in theaters twice. But I love me some Veronica Mars.

And don't worry, this won't get in the way of Bell's other hit series, NBC's The Good Place. There aren't expected to be any conflicts, although if they could find a way to crossover that would be heavenly.

Hopefully after all of these years Veronica hasn't let *yawn* Piz drift back into her life.