General Leia To Appear In 'Star Wars Resistance', Its Place In Timeline Revealed

Disney's Star Wars Resistance arrives in a couple of months, and for fans kinda upset over Solo: A Star Wars Story or the cancellation of Star Wars Rebels this might be the saving grace. Ignoring the outcry of angry nerds upset over the anime-style animation, the series has a ton of potential. Not only does it fill in the gaps pre-The Force Awakens, but after name dropping her in the teaser, we now know that General Leia Organa will be a regular presence. The news was confirmed by voice actress Rachel Butera on Twitter...

Pretty big shoes to fill. We don't know how big of a part Leia will have, but it's good to know that even after Carrie Fisher's untimely death the character she helped define will last forever.

Meanwhile, Lucasfilm has accidentally revealed the exact spot in the timeline where the series fits. A Twitter user with not enough to do decided to dig into the trailer's code and found where it says the show is set "about six months" before The Force Awakens.  It was buried in a secret synopsis in the code, and has since been removed. Why? You got me, but that'll teach them to underestimate how much time some people have on their hands.

Star Wars Resistance hits the Disney Channel on October 7th.