Eddie Redmayne And Felicity Jones Take To The Air In First Look At 'The Aeronauts'

It was in 2014 that Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones starred together in the Stephen Hawking drama, The Theory of Everything. Not only did it earn him a win for Best Actor, but her a nomination for Best Actress and a Best Picture nom, as well. Now the two are together again for The Aeronauts, a different true-life story that will see them taking to the air.

Amazon Studios has announced the start of production on the film, and released the first high-flying image of Redmayne and Jones aboard an open-air balloon.  They play pioneering balloonists James Glaisher and Amelia Wren, who attempted to reach heights never before achieved by man. Here's the synopsis:

Set in 1862, THE AERONAUTS follow wealthy young widow Amelia Wren (Felicity Jones) and ambitious scientist James Glaisher (Eddie Redmayne) as they mount a balloon expedition to fly higher than anyone in history. This is a journey to the very edge of existence, where the air is thin and the chances of survival are slim. As their perilous ascent reveals their true selves, this unlikely pair discover things about each other – and themselves – that help them find their place in the world they have left behind.

Behind the camera is BAFTA nominee Tom Harper (Peaky Blinders) working from a script by the busy Jack Thorne (Wonder). 

In talking about the film's authentic look, producer Todd Pieberman reveals the above image wasn't done in front of a green screen somewhere, that's actually Redmayne and Jones a couple of thousand feet in the sky...

“A top priority for us on The Aeronauts is authenticity. With that in mind, we intend to do as much balloon filming in the sky as the weather will allow. This image was taken after we launched Felicity and Eddie 2,000 feet in the air, performing their scripted scene, while a helicopter captured it all. We’re fortunate that Felicity and Eddie have the nerve to do these stunts themselves as it authenticates our entire approach."