'Destroyer' First Look: Nicole Kidman Is A Cop Haunted By Her Past

Nicole Kidman is no stranger to undergoing physical transformations for an Oscars-worthy role. We all remember the change she made to win Best Actress for The Hours back in 2002. Well now she's once again been rendered unrecognizable for a film that a lot of people are buzzing about, Destroyer, from The Invitation director Karyn Kusama.

Our first official look [via Vanity Fair] at the film features a grungy, exhausted-looking Kidman under a lot of make-up. She plays LAPD cop Erin Bell who years earlier had been placed undercover in a gang, only for it to end in tragedy. Years later when the gang's leader returns, Erin must work her way through the remaining members and her history with them to settle her past demons.

Kusama has always been a talented filmmaker, but other than her breakout Girlfight I'm not sure the films she chose were on her level. That is until The Invitation, a tense, gripping thriller that thrust her back into the limelight. She's back and working with that film's writers, Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay, so expectations for Destroyer are already through the roof.

Destroyer opens Christmas Day and co-stars Tatiana Maslany, Sebastian Stan, and Bradley Whitford.