Dave Bautista Is Still Spitting Fire At Disney For Firing James Gunn

One of the things I loved about Dave Bautista during his time in the WWE was that he couldn't hide anything. When he was unhappy about how things were going, you knew it, and being vocal is not something most superstars are willing to do while working under Vince McMahon. And I'm happy to see that Bautista hasn't changed a bit since becoming a superstar, even while under the employ of the powerful House of Disney.

Disney has reaffirmed their decision to fire James Gunn, and the director won't be coming back for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Bautista has been pissed about this since the beginning and has made that clear, repeatedly, and he struck back one last time in an inflammatory tweet that even channels Donald Trump...

Ouch. The reference to Trump's signature slogan is an obvious callback to the right-wing trolls who made Gunn a target and dug up some old tweets he had long since apologized for unprompted. Regardless of how the whole thing started, it's clear Bautista is still upset and this could be an issue down the road if he continues to spout off. Combine that with the film's lack of a director and this could prove to be one of the bumpiest productions Marvel's had.