'Bond 25' May Get Bumped To Late 2020

The James Bond franchise isn't exactly reeling, but the sudden departure of Danny Boyle over what we now know was a feud with star Daniel Craig, has thrown a wrench in the machine.  It's already been three years since Spectre, and usually by now the next film would be in theaters or darn close to it. But it looks like the wait for Bond 25 is going to be longer than planned while producers figure out what to do next.

According to THR, Bond 25 will definitely miss its November 8th 2019 release date, which shouldn't come as a surprise since production was to begin very soon. It may not be until late 2020 when production is ready to start, and of course that depends on finding a director in relatively short order.  Whoever they name is going to want to take a look at the script, whichever one they decide to go with, and put their own spin on it.

Whoever gets named will have to win over the Bond producers and Craig, who will likely want to find someone who is on Boyle's level, not some journeyman director.