Zachary Levi Chugs Down A Cold One In First Official Look At 'Shazam!'

Warner Bros. continues to spill the beans days ahead of San Diego Comic-Con. Following the confirmation of Todd Phillips' Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix, now we have the first official image of Zachary Levi as the hero Shazam. Just one look and already the DCEU feels like a much cheerier place.

The photo was revealed by EW, and look how campy this thing is. It's perfect for the tone of the film, which centers on young Billy Batson (Asher Angel), who gains the power to transform into the DC Comics hero just by shouting out the word "SHAZAM"!! Levi clearly added some muscle for the role but that suit he's wearing has all the fake bulk of a Halloween costume. It looks silly, and that's part of the fun. Look at how red it is. Can you imagine that red swooping down to the rescue in any of Zack Snyder's superhero flicks? You'd think it was a joke.  Shazam's seen there gulping down a soda alongside It star Jack Dylan Grazer, who plays Billy's friend Freddy Freeman.

Directed by David Sandberg, Shazam! opens April 5th 2019.