'Wonder Woman 1984': First Look At Pedro Pascal And His Snap-On Hairdo

In case you couldn't tell Wonder Woman 1984 is set in the '80s (it doesn't mean there have been 1983 movies previously, duh), director Patty Jenkins is here to make it plainly obvious. How? By offering a first look at Pedro Pascal and the helmet hair he'll be sporting in the anticipated sequel. It screams either a high-rolling Wall Street douche or a TV anchorman. Either way, that hair has got some life to it.

We still have no idea who Pascal and his snap-on hairdo will be playing, though. Is it an established DC Universe character or what? Plus, why is he being seen in an old fashioned tube TV setup? Is he in a TV commercial? Or is he on a monitor screen sortof like the one we've seen Gal Gadot's Diana staring intently at in a prior image?

If I have to hazard a guess, Pascal is playing a version of Maxwell Lord, a shrewd businessman/supervillain who has played an integral role in the lives of the Justice League for years. In one of her defining moments, Wonder Woman snapped Lord's neck in public after he had been revealed as a criminal mastermind who used inside information to destroy the Justice League International from within. He also shot and murdered the Blue Beetle in cold blood. Lord is a bad dude, but also very convincing, and Pascal would be perfect for the role if that's what it turns out to be.

Also starring Chris Pine and Kristen Wiig, Wonder Woman 1984 opens November 1st 2019.